VLOG: Vegan Grocery Haul

I haven’t vlogged in a hot minute but I’m back! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I am now vegan. It was a decision I made about two months ago and I’ve honestly never felt better and happier. Anyway, one of my followers asked to see my weekly groceries so I thought I’d vlog it!

I think I lost interest in vlogging (and blogging, in general) because I didn’t really have a niche that I was passionate about until now. I plan to focus on veganism and fitness so if you have any suggestions or things you want to see, just let me know. ♥

hair & beauty

BeautyMNL Finds: 5 Items for 1000 Pesos

BeautyMNL Finds: 5 Items for 1000 Pesos |

Since going vegan last June, shopping for makeup has become a little complicated. I once tried going to the beauty section of a department store to stock up on old faves and I ended up standing around with product in hand, my phone in the other googling “IS ______ VEGAN” and “IS ______ CRUELTY-FREE.” If there’s anything I love as much as animals, it’s probably making myself pretty and this experience of having to individually check the ingredients of each product and then double check if the brand tests on animals was necessary, but tedious and frustrating. I walked away without buying anything (a win for my wallet) and figured I’d just have to do my research beforehand to avoid future futile trips to the mall.

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Money Diaries: A Week in March

Money Diaries: A Week in March |

Inspired by R29’s Money Diaries and Cosmo PH’s… weekly expenses thing that everybody seems to hate, I decided to track my expenses last week and blog about it. (Okay, it’s more like I straight up copied Money Diaries.) Before I get into it, here are a few things to note about me: I’m not a thrifty person, I do not scrimp when it comes to food, and I have a big appetite. I also have a spending problem but I still try to be sensible with my money. I’ve been doing better at avoiding mindless expenses and I am pretty proud of that!

I live at home with my mom and 7 cats. My monthly bills include our phone and DSL (PHP1850), my post-paid line (Plan 1799 + monthly cashout for my phone), Spotify Premium (PHP129), and credit card bill. Karlo (my boyfriend) lets me use his Netflix account. I don’t pay rent and contribute to the household by buying groceries (depending on how often I go, I spend around PHP2000-4000), food for the critters (at least PHP2000/month), and chipping in for other things (e.g. we’re having our kitchen cabinets redone and I gave PHP3000 for that).

Monthly income: ~50k+ after taxes.

Day 1 – Monday

10AM – I usually spend weekends at Karlo’s and when his driver doesn’t have a lot of errands on Mondays, I get dropped off in BGC. Today before work, we drove through McDonald’s so I could get Fish and Rice and an iced coffee, which Karlo paid for.

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On My Radar: Brother Home Sewing Machines

There are two things I wish I could do more of in life: the first is sleep (of course) and the second is home crafts.

People are always surprised when they find out I knit, crochet, and cross stitch because I don’t look it. But back when I had more time to do the things that I liked, I spent many afternoons in front of my laptop, my fingers getting sore from my hooks or needles as I wrestled with a pattern while unsuccessfully trying to keep Freakiecat from eating the yarn.

I was planning on learning how to sew next. I wanted redemption (I failed by high school junior year home ec finals because I couldn’t figure out those old sewing machines) and I wanted to make my own bedsheets and pillow cases. Those things are expensive! Plus, a lot of the cute DIYs I wanted to take on needed some sewing and I didn’t even know how to mend a hole. Unfortunately, I had to go back to working in an office and all my hobbies took a backseat.

These days, I watch a lot of sewing tutorials on Youtube (WithWendy is my fave!) and since I’m now the kind of person that doesn’t get invited to weekend parties anymore, I’ve been thinking of spending my free time learning the craft. Fortunately, Brother starter sewing machines are reasonably priced and take up so little space. Nothing those old bulky pedalled ones!

Brother also has a promo running until the end of March where you get a free sewing kit worth PHP1300 for every purchase of any of these three models:

Things I would make if I had a Brother Home Sewing Machine at my side:

1. Lacy bralettes

2. Costumes for my cats

3. Bedsheets

4. Drawstring backpacks (so trendy~)

For more info, like BROTHERS on Facebook.

behind the scenes

Video: What’s In My Bag?

When I started this Youtube thing, Romila asked me to do a What’s In My Bag type of video and I DID because who am I to say no to people? (JK, I say no a lot, especially to things that scare me, like job opportunities at big fancy agencies.) I shot this video over the holiday break last month but only got around to editing and uploading it yesterday. It’s a little corny and I was running low on energy because I shot 3 videos that day but I hope you guys still like it. :)